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How do you compare to this guy?

At age 5 his Father died. At age 16 he quit school.

At age 17 he had already lost 4 jobs.

Between ages 18 & 22, he was a railroad conductor & failed.

He joined the army & washed out there.

He applied for law school he was rejected.

He became an insurance sales man & failed.

At age 20 his wife left him.

He became a cook & dishwasher in a small cafe.

At age 65 he retired.

Decided to commit suicide, he had failed so much.

But, he realized still one thing he could do better than

He borrowed $87, bought & fried up chicken using his
recipe, went door to door to sell them in Kentucky.

At age 88 Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC was a billionaire.

Who is This Man

What is the one thing he did that all successful people do?

He never gave up!


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