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The 98% Failure Rate in MLM Myth (lie)

‎Wayne Gerald



Posted By ‎Wayne Gerald (copied from FB)



The 98% Failure Rate in MLM Myth (lie): A commenter recently said this commonly rehashed statement, “mlm 98% failure rate”, on Len Clements FB page. Why would one say this? Why would one ever want to join an industry with an alleged 98% failure rate. These people who repeat this myth hurt our industry. So this is what I said to his comment …

Who’s saying the 98% failure stat? Usually the people who drink the attraction marketing kool-aid, and have an online marketing system to sell.

Do people really “fail” or do they just QUIT because they didn’t have the tenacity of persistence.
We’re supposed embrace failure, and learn, and fail fast, so we can get up fast and move in the opposite direction that didn’t work.

People quit anything for one reason or another. It’s human nature. MLM doesn’t have the monopoly on people quitting. Most people who get insurance licenses or real estate licenses never sell a policy or house.
Do people quit too soon or do most never really START?


It’s hard for me to call that “failure” unless we define failure as “lack of persistence” or “not even starting.” Is a person who didn’t take their piano lessons, but said they would, a “failed piano player? Can we define them as a piano player who failed?

Did the person who started in network marketing ever even BECOME a network marketer in the first place? If they didn’t get properly trained, how could they BE one? How could one ever call them a network marketer if they didn’t know how. If somebody doesn’t know how to do something, are they a failure?

70% of the population are going to die broke, no matter what. Those are facts. 3% will succeed no matter what with their personality. Our industry has turned into a game of finding existing 3 percenters who find more 3 percenters, as Dale Calvert talks about, instead of developing leaders from within.

27 percent REALLY want to succeed, but have never been shown the step-by-step action steps by leaders who are willing to give them directional leadership as explained in “Leadership and the One Minute Manager.”
If one wants to say MLM has a huge failure rate, somehow suggesting it’s the business model itself to blame, maybe they better to take a closer look at the REAL cause.

That’s the failure of leaders to provide unified duplicable systems for the 27 percenters, and the failure to create pinnacle leaders from within, teaching the wisdom of the ages, as Dale Calvert suggests.

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